Director Message



As we look back from a humble beginning, when our father Mr. Babulal K. Jain (Founder Chairman of Naprod group) started Naprod in 1994, we are proud of what we have accomplished. We are glad, that our father’s vision of founding a company which will manufacture affordable highly specialised niche formulations, to bring latest high tech remedies to fight dreaded disease like cancer within the reach of every needy patient, has become a reality.

A courageous step at that time, to venture into the less trodden path, to take unprecedented risk, to anticipate & prepare for adversities, to see the future with clarity, it was only because of our grit and firm focus on our vision, we could accomplish this success. I must mention that the shared vision of all our employees who conceived and executed out of the box projects, their selfless contribution, staying together through tough times, which has placed us where we are today.

I am grateful to all our stakeholders including our valued customers, our vendors and our employees who have stood by us bound by the strong bond of trust.

With the confidence thus gained due to our quick acceptance in the market, in 2007, we started “Miracalus Pharma Pvt. Ltd.”, an exclusive marketing company. Over the years, Miracalus has made rapid strides and today, in India, “Miracalus” has a formidable presence in the Oncology and Critical care landscape. Proper understanding of market requirements, committed marketing/sales team, a big range of products, competitive pricing etc. have helped us to grow aggressively in the market both in the government and private sector and nudge our way into the top ten players in less than a decade. Today, Miracalus has global footprints. With thorough understanding of the documentation process, efficient team, pragmatic and proactive business approach, strict adherence to quality parameters, timely delivery etc. have helped Miracalus to gain rapid access to several markets in four continents.

When I look at the future, I can see that we have a long way to go. We will keep our focus on innovations and up-gradations our products and services to keep in pace with the changing needs. We will continuously strive to provide high quality latest products and services at affordable prices to alleviate the sufferings of humankind. Our firm obligation continues to be towards customers, vendors, employees, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients & their families.

We have no doubt that we at Miracalus with global footprints, zealous quality commitment, R&D focus and ultra-modern manufacturing facilities, are poised to meet the challenges of the future because we firmly believe, “our tomorrow will be determined by what we do today”

Best Wishes & Kind Regards,

Company Profile

Our Management

The founders of Miracalus are stalwarts from the fields of Marketing and Manufacturing.
The management has always focused on encouraging the passion of every employee.
It has always been at the forefront of empowering innovation and technology, in finding solutions to cancer. By recruiting only the best from the industry, Miracalus today, has an efficient and talented workforce.

Our Values

At Miracalus, we believe that every individual works with passion towards Oncology.
We hold great respect for those whose efforts are directed towards the upliftment of society.
We give importance to teamwork and networking which has been instrumental in our growth.
We encourage delegation of authority and stand by our ethical and moral values. As a company, we are integrated in our efforts to find solutions and constantly improve oncology products.

Our Culture

The social and political forces that influence the growth of a human being, a corporation or an organization is defined as culture.
Our strong Indian roots, have helped us grow into a company that has a strong foundation.
We have continuously strived to harbour and sustain values with a deep commitment to oncology. Our integrity enables us to fuel our passion for excellence. We are certain that as we grow, we will make our mark visible, being well-respected by the business community and by our competitors.

Our Vision

George Bernard Shaw once said,
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” .
At Miracalus, we believe in leaving a trail of great work done with passion.
It is our goal to be recognized as an international marketing firm in the global formulations market, known for its consistency and growth.
We know that respect isn't given, but commanded. We aim at achieving recognition of the scientific community as a leader in the Pharmaceutical industry. A Company that offers import substitutes and other formulations of high quality and at a reasonable price.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to provide outstanding oncology expertise that benefits the clients, by focusing on improved technology and on improving health of the individual. We aim at achieving this by associating with leading national and international manufacturers having APIs and formulations.
It is also important to have R&D facilities that offer technologies at a cost advantage.
We target to achieve a respectable sales turnover by 2010, by striving for growth in the formulation industry through focused segments of oncology products.

Our Future

Miracalus is an ambitious company. We aim to contribute greatly to Oncology, with practices that are safe and technology that is state-of-the-art.
We are growing at a faster pace through acquisitions and strategic alliances with national and international manufacturers.
Today, we are proud to have about 100 formulations in the Oncology segment. We aspire that in coming years, Miracalus will be a name in Oncology, to reckon with.